Monday, June 8, 2009

Credit for Trying??

So, I thought it would be great to post our calendar on this blog, but I have found it next to impossible to actually figure out how to get a calendar on here. I am having issues with my google account and google's calendar maker and I have tried other ways to post a calendar on here and it's just not working. I guess that I will just rely on the old fashioned photocopy calendar and pass it out on Sunday. I'm not really sure anyone is looking at this blog anyways! So, of you are interested in getting the calendar on this blog and you have the knowledge and computer wits to help me with it, that would be great! Otherwise, my only option is to hand out printed copies on Sunday. Any comments? ( anyone out there???)~~~Laura


Jessica said...

Can you email it as an attachment?

Jenny said...

Three ways I can think of:

1) We can scan the calendar in as a jpg and post it on the blog as a picture.

2) I can upload it to and you can post a link on the blog so that everyone can download it.

3) Google Calendar - I haven't tried this but it looks good. It's an interactive calendar that your can post on your blog.

Jenny said...

Oooops . . . just re-read the post and realized that you've already tried Google calendar & it's not working. Strike that last suggestion! ;)

Shauna said...

Hey Laura, sorry I should have mentioned to you that I tried to do that last year to no avail. I couldn't come up with a way either that's why I just listed each weeks activities on the side each week.

By the way.. is there an activity for this Friday?

Margo said...

Laura, I can post a Google Calendar to the blog if you would like. I just experimented with posting one to my blog and it worked just fine.