Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Day of Summer

Kim W. shared a great idea for celebrating the first day of summer vacation. Check it out here . If you are interested, let's get a group together and do it!
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm not sure if any is reading this yet, but let's get some suggestions for activites for the calendar. So far, these are some ideas:
-Park day
-Pool Day
-Beach Day
-Free Movies
-Summer Kid's Book Club
-Sea World
-Zoo and/or Wild Animal Park
-Free Museums
-The Wave water park
New possibilites:
-Kid's cooking club
-Craft/Scrapbooking day with kids(maybe YW could help)
-Breakfast get together in jammies with your favorite stuffed animal
-Cake decorating contest

Let throw all kinds of ideas out here. The more the better! I'd also love to see some ideas from everyone about celebrating the last day of school. Does your family have any fun traditions? Family Fun magazine has some fun ideas on their website. We had a great time last year with a few of their ideas. Check it out here
Please share your ideas and summer stories too!

Suggestions anyone?

Ok, so as summer is coming around I have been thinking about the summer calendar. First of all I Shauna, can't be responsible for doing it this year. I have too many things going on with too many different schedules to keep track of. With that said, I would still love the option of going to activities. I love the idea of a summer calendar because it really brings people together in a social setting and the kids get to play with each other while the adults can talk. All of this while doing things that you would already be doing like going to the pool, or the beach or the park, etc. Soooooo Laura M. and I were thinking that maybe we could just have a summer blog, and everyone that wants to post can be a "poster", or people could just leave comments. So if you were going to say be at the beach, you could just post it on the blog and people could check it every week or every day (if you wanted to) to see if there are things going on that week. So it would be a little less formal, and the blog could also be a way to talk to others like the yahoo group that we used to do, only it would be voluntary if you wanted to read the posts.

I don't know for sure what the official Relief Society groups will be this summer, I only know that this is not endorsed by the church in any way, so these are all unnoficial del norte activities. So I guess my question is do you want to...

1. Just get everyone that wants to on the posting list and then when people do things that they want others to join they could put it on the blog..

2. Do an unofficial official calendar that we print up and pass out at church (however if you vote for this you automatically become the one responsible)...

3. Have somewhat of a schedule like tuesdays park day, wed beach day etc. (we will also need volunteers for pools)...

4. Do something else that I haven't written, please put your suggestions in the comments.

Thanks for your ideas-Shauna