Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey everyone!  Two things, first I made a boo boo on the summer calendar because I was having troubles with my new phone and so everyone who is linked to the summer calendar through their phone or anyone who checked the calendar yesterday or this morning got a peek into what my personal life looks like!  I have since removed my personal life from the calendar and though I would like to take you all on a trip to Texas that won't be happening any time soon. 

The second item is that the Blueberry picking had to be rescheduled to Wednesday afternoon.  I know this means some won't be able to go and I'm sorry about that, however, please take the time to go with another friend at another time.  There was no group discount this time so the price is the same.

Again, I apologize for the mishaps and rescheduling.  Happy summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Welcome to summer everyone!  There's been a few questions I thought I would answer here all at once. 

1.The bowling is just a suggested time and date.  If you sign up under the website you can choose the place you want to bowl and you can bowl any day of the week you would like!  Also Mira Mesa is just a suggestion as well.  I didn't know Poway was listed this year until I had already registered but feel free to sign up for either one.  I placed them to follow the movie event times, especially for Mira Mesa so you could get the most out of your drive to Mira Mesa.

2. All of the events and times are just a suggestion.  Do or do not do, it's up to you!   

3. Because I was able to find so many fun things to do during the summer, there were some complaints as to the schedule being too hard to distinguish between events that were scheduled specifically as get-togethers (i.e. pool & beach days) and events that were random through the city or county.  To rectify this situation I have designated 1-2 (and very occasionally 3) things each day of the week where our large group can "get together" with one another.  These events will be designated with a DN at the beginning of the event which stands for Del Norte. 

4. Our little community is growing.  Several of us have invited friends from our bigger community so if you see someone show up to an event that you don't know please welcome them in!!!

5. Anyone and every is welcome at all events.  (Some events do have age restrictions) No activity on this calendar is exclusive except for age restrictions.  If you don't know the host, come and get to know them!  PLEASE FEEL WELCOME!!!

6. Anyone is welcome to host an event, such as a pool day.  If you will comment on this blog it will be added to the calendar.  

7. The movies are also just a suggested date.  You don't have to go on the day listed, you may go any day they are playing.  Mira Mesa is Tue. Wed. and Thurs. I believe and Poway is Mon.-Fri.
8. Lastly if you have a smart phone and you can access a google account on your phone I can add your gmail account into the calendar so you can see the calendar in your phone.  I just need your google email address.

We'll see ya in the sun!