Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm not sure if any is reading this yet, but let's get some suggestions for activites for the calendar. So far, these are some ideas:
-Park day
-Pool Day
-Beach Day
-Free Movies
-Summer Kid's Book Club
-Sea World
-Zoo and/or Wild Animal Park
-Free Museums
-The Wave water park
New possibilites:
-Kid's cooking club
-Craft/Scrapbooking day with kids(maybe YW could help)
-Breakfast get together in jammies with your favorite stuffed animal
-Cake decorating contest

Let throw all kinds of ideas out here. The more the better! I'd also love to see some ideas from everyone about celebrating the last day of school. Does your family have any fun traditions? Family Fun magazine has some fun ideas on their website. We had a great time last year with a few of their ideas. Check it out here
Please share your ideas and summer stories too!


Kim W said...

I just learned about this last year. The day after school gets out is a huge deal at Poway Pool. They have all sorts of activities, games, etc. Check it out.

Shauna said...

Thank you Laura for volunteering!!Consider the baton officially passed =)!!! I can host as many pool days as you need at Bernardo Heights. Thanks, you are the best! I can't wait to see what fun things we will get to do this summer.

jsmithfamily said...

Thanks Laura for doing this. And thanks Shauna for getting the ball rolling. Just wanted to let you know that if anyone ever needs tickets to any of the sites around San Diego I can get a pretty good discount at the military base. Just let me know.

ferntyler said...

I say we definitely take Shauna up on the pool days, and all the other ideas look great, too - also, the "watching kids of anyone who has a baby in July" activities should definitely be on there.. ha haa

Jenny said...

My pool is open for business too!